About Us


Who are Logsoft?

A well settled and happy team of experienced, young, and enthusiastic developers and analysts delivering Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) solutions for the businesses in the logistics service industry, producers and manufacturers. Our passion for IoT, AI, and data analytics, and our constant approach to combine human ingenuity with intelligent technology is what drives us forward.

Our team is focused on helping businesses through the digital transformation of their Reusable Transport Packaging management and dramatically improve their efficiency and productivity, and minimise any needless overhead costs through its advanced set of RTP solutions, namely, PackPlan, MyPackBook, and PackCount.

We believe that the advent of this digital transformation to the logistics service industry will drastically improve the business operations for those who are going to act on this adaptation, and the ones more reluctant to this change might be advised to move forward and avoid any risks of being left behind.

Creating Value for Our Clients

Quality work and gratitude is a prerequisite for every task we undertake at LogSoft. We care about building robust and superior quality custom RTP solutions and trusted relationships with our clients. We keep our clients at the very centre of everything we do.

We only succeed when we help our clients reach their goals with us and beyond. Enabling our clients to take their RTP management to the next level(s) through our services, cultivating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant, and by consistently delivering value is what flows through everything we do. That’s the spirit of LogSoft!

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers!

We believe that people are the key resources in any service industry. It is our philosophy that there is a happy employee behind a happy customer. For us, creating a positive employee experience is as important as creating a positive customer experience. Happy and engaged employees help us create more satisfied and loyal customers and, ultimately, boost the brand and company growth.

We value our people highly and ensure to provide them with an environment to develop their skills, offering them a rewarding career ahead.

Keeping the Environment Clean

It makes us very happy and proud that our solutions not only help you keep your operational costs in control but also help keep the environment a little more cleaner each day. Our solutions and applications are paperless, reduce and optimise transport. Returning your transit packaging that can be reused for the next consignment instead of buying or producing an entire new set again is why we usually have a good night’s sleep every now and then. We ensure our clients can recycle wood and plastics for the good of the environment. We are a greens promoting eco-friendly Company.

Reducing the overall carbon footprint one customer at a time!