Who are LogSoft?

A well settled and happy team of experienced, young and enthusiastic developers and analysts delivering Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) solutions at scale.

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PackPlan simplifies the complex process of tracking and managing large pools of pallets, crates, containers or any empty reusable transport packaging (RTP) for your business.

It is a cloud hosted application software that manages all your returnable packaging in one place while being cost effective, reducing packaging losses and increasing turnover of returnable transit packaging. Read More



MyPackBook is your App to book and manage every piece of your returnable transit packaging, just like PackPlan but over a smaller scale.

The application is developed to optimise supply chain operations and prevent loss of any expensive assets which is a part of RTP such as plastic pallets, crates or used wooden pallets. Read More



The App that counts your pallets and crates as you load and unload them. PackCount built with Artificial Intelligence also supports you counting your inventory. This Machine Learning App can detect the defects in your expensive returnable packaging be it damaged or defective pallets, crates or Big Boxes, FLCs.

It will assist you optimise your operations processes. Digitalise and automate your Warehousing with PackCount. Read More

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In a highly competitive and rapidly advancing world where technologies are being upgraded you will need a highly qualified IT Partner to pave the path to a digital transformation in your company.

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