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The Software Application for all Returnable Transit Packaging

MyPackBook offers you the ability to easily book and track every piece of your Returnable Packaging, with little cost. MyPackBook ensures that expensive assets such as plastic pallets, crates or used wooden pallets will no longer be lost. This simple and elegant application will give you complete control over all the necessary aspects of the Returnable Packaging process.

Manufactures and producers, in nearly every industry, neglect the significance of tracking and managing Returnable Packaging (RTP). This lack of attention and optimization results in millions of dollars in additional opportunistic costs (Lost time, rising product costs and increased environmental issues). Through our combined 25-years of industry experience in RTP and profound software expertise, we have been able to develop a highly innovative and affordable, Application, which offers both optimization and the necessary control to meet your individual needs.

MyPackBook will support you in every step of the Returnable Packaging process. This encompasses, the sending and receiving of your packaging and the ownership-management of all your packaging products.

Through our simple problem-based approach we have been able to take the complexity out of Returnable Packaging Logistics, and replaced it with an elegant user-focused solution.

MyPackBook is a sleek and highly innovative Application for small and mid-sized business, backed up quality Support and Reliability.

Contact our insightful consulting team for further information and the arrangement of a free 4-week trial.