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An app that counts and records optimal returnable transit packaging count as you load and unload them. PackCount leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to count literally any RTP material and also:detects and any defects in your expensive returnable packaging

We serve your requirements together with our well connected network of partners be it the purchase of pallets, KLTs, fruits and vegetable crates, Big boxes, pallet wash and repair services, new or used wooden pallets. You want to hire, buy, sell or exchange unwanted crates, pallets or big boxes just post them on our PackExchange.

At PackExchange we will find you the best buyer or seller for you and save you the time and hassle of searching. Buy new plastic pallets from our selected manufacturing partners. Hire, rent pallets or Big Boxes. You want a specially designed packaging then just post your enquiry on MyPackBook. Our world class selected network partners will offer you high quality services and excellent advice. This takes the headache of returnable packing off you. Focus on your business.

All this at an affordable low price. You want to recycle or dispose plastic or wooden pallets just visit our Shop in MyPackBook and post your requests there.

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