Pallets and Returnable Transit Packaging Software

Pallets, crates, containers or any empty reusable transport packaging (RTP) are one of the last priorities for many manufacturer or producer.

We are in the business of returnable packaging for over 20 years and can help offer you solutions. This treasure of practical and hands-on knowledge is what sets us apart from the rest. We give personal attention to every project and advise our customers who could be logistics service providers, retailers, transport companies, hauliers or suppliers.

PackPlan is a comprehensive multi-modular Application for pooling returnable packaging. PackPlan encompasses all the business processes required to manage a pool of wooden or plastic pallets, crates, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) / Big Bags, IBC, FLC or Gitterboxes. It provides a high level of transparency to all participants in the supply chain.

The PackPlan Application and Solutions are helping our clients organise their pallets much more efficiently than ever before and achieving big time savings. PackPlan can interface with SAP, Oracle or any legacy ERP Systems.

We will deliver you a PackPlan Solution customized to your requirements. If you are a Plastic Pallet, Container, Washing or Pallet Repair Service you may want to use our Production Module. A Pooling Logistics Service Provider may require the whole gamut of activities around equipment pooling.

A wooden Pallet, returnable plastic container (RPC) or KLT pool can be a closed or part of a larger pallet pool like the world’s biggest pooling provider CHEP, IFCO or FHG Paki and Euro Pool System. The closed pool could have a network of locations within a Group of companies. These could be suppliers to Food or Automotive industry, OEMs, Retailers or FMCG manufacturers and suppliers.

You could be a manufacturer and owning a large number of expensive plastic or aluminium pallets and need to know who have received them. PackPlan can help you track and trace their movements and ask your vendors to return them back faster after usage.

  • PackPlan is a cloud hosted Application, All account holders can access their empty packaging account information from anywhere. Be it the customers stocks, or warehouse inventories.
  • All your assets can be tracked and traced and in the process reducing losses and enhancing efficiency.
  • The modular built PackPlan Application will streamline your returnable, empty packaging processes.
  • Each account holder will know their dwell times in the account.
  • Information can flow via EDI or other standard formats from one Application to the other from your legacy systems be it SAP, Oracle or others.
  • Import and Export processes can be put in place with the help of web services.
  • PackPlan can be interfaced with any bar code scanners or RFID hardware applications. PackPlan can be used as a Middleware.

Some benefits of PackPlan:

  • Transparency in customer/supplier returnable empty stocks of pallets,crate or containers.
  • Focused planning increases stock availability to all
  • Various Pricing models: Rental, Deposit, Fee-based Asset Control (make more out of lesser stocks)
  • Reduction in transport costs saving on fuel. Lower your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce losses leading to depletion in total stock holding of RTPs
  • Increase turnover with existing stocks and buy less if demand is not increasing