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pack plan

Reduce losses, increase Turnover of RTPs

PackPlan will help you have a tight control on cycle times reduce losses and avoid needless purchases of new RTP, pallets, crates, containers, Gitterboxes, FIBC or IBC . The business logic and processes written in our PackPlan will assist reduce the potential for pallet losses and limit pallet misuse and corresponding damage. Pallets left sitting around idle tend to get lost, misused and suffer eventually fromĀ  damage resulting ultimately in a lower turnover. As each customer and user of the system will be on account the owner of the equipment; LSP (Logistics Service Provider), Supplier or Retailer will keep a track on keeping dwell times as low as possible enabling a higher turnover of the RTPs.

If a pallet or RTP cannot be found by the owner on the system it could be deemed lost and the receiver be charged. Keeping your trip cost to a minimum is another key element in reducing losses. This can only be done if you know where your inventories are lying and their utilisation. There is no point in shifting or transporting pallets or RTPs to a Warehouse where there is no demand or a lower turnover. Make the most of your expensive plastic pallets with a good IT Solution.