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RTP Managed Services

If you own a large pool of returnable packaging equipment it may be worthwhile managing these expensive assets yourself. This can be done with the help of your own trained logistics human resources or an external service provider.  In doing so, you would be creating opportunities for your own staff members and getting the best of their talents and potential. Having this as separate specialized area of operations it will make your costs transparent and thereby help reduce them.

We can help you organise and plan your returnable transit packaging with PackPlan by providing the necessary help required. We have the human resources and pallet management intelligence in PackPlan to make the best of your pallets, crates or other expensive durable packaging e.g. GBoxes, FLC Foldable Large Plastic containers. FIBC (Big Bags). We have extensive experience in Managed Services having done it for some of world’s largest corporations. We will impart our Know-how to you being in this business for over 20 years.

Managed Services does also signify hiring our highly professional partner services for planning, washing and repairing your wooden and plastic pallets, GBoxes, Folded Large Containers or Big Bags (FIBC).