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Track & Trace RTP

It is crucial for any user to keep a control on their RTPs particularly if you own them. Tracking and tracing where returnable packaging is located is significant to any supply chain. Buying new equipment or using expendable packaging is not the option to any shortages. These are only ad-hoc solutions to symptoms but not solving the cause of the problems.

The PackPlan returnable packaging managment system assist in tracking and tracing your equipment irrespective of your role in the Supply Chain. It is well know there are many participants or actors in this process namely; Logistics Service Providers (LSP), Suppliers, Retailers OEMs and very significantly  the Transporter community.The ability to identify and trace valuable reusable packaging containers (RPC) can achieve a win-win for all participants in the supply chain.

RFID helps you achieve a greater degree of visibility and control over your returnable pallets or containers as they move through different points in the supply chain. If you are a user of expensive durable packagaing like plastic pallets or Gitterboxes then RFID makes it a worthy investment. PackPlan will draw the information and inform you which products are on a pallet or container and where they are located.