5 Reasons to Digitize Your Logistics Supply Chain

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Adopting new technologies can create new opportunities, particularly in the logistics management sector. Pallet management softwares provides powerful benefits to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and other companies that ship goods across the globe.

Implementing pallets and containing softwares can help boost connectivity of your supply chain and link shippers, carriers and provide new user-friendly methods of communicating, collaborating and accessing information. 

4 Benefits of pallet management systems 

Pallet and crate management systems have several specific benefits, here is an overview of some of the ways you will have better control :


By employing a pallet management system you can get tedious administrative tasks done faster and keep the supply chain moving – all with control and visibility at your fingertips. 

You will have real-time data tracking to make faster, informed decisions if there are any hold-ups in the supply chain. 

A pallet management system like LogSoft has an app – your logistics management team does not need to wait to return to their work stations to input updates, but can do it on the go – ensuring accurate data is entered in real-time. 

Furthermore, your entire team can access data from a single point, no one can make excuses for tasks not getting completed in time as they will have all the information they need on the pallet management system. 


By implementing a pallet management system, you can optimise the use of resources. Paperless digital processes and communication consume less while accessing more – each person in your logistics management team can reach an entire database of necessary information in-the-moment and carry out required tasks. 


Logistics management currently has several complexities – no one can capture accurate 

data surrounding all the tasks using just an Excel sheet. Building and maintaining an Excel file is a hassle and will not assist you in properly analysing your data. 

With a pallet management system in place, businesses can replace multiple different systems and tools with just one. 

Logitech has various solutions to suit various industries and logistic management tasks with easy plug-and-play connectivity and simple integration with existing transport management systems. 

Once implemented, the new system will support best-practice processes and standardization, creating a smarter way of working in the end-to-end supply chain.


By going digital, your bottom line takes a lesser hit if something goes wrong as you can immediately track the problem in your supply chain and make the most informed decision to resolve it – avoiding major setbacks and interruptions in the supply chain. 

On-the-ground Benefits of Digitized Supply Chains

With digital supply chains, companies can enjoy the benefits of interconnected supply chain partners. It implies reducing information lag to near real-time levels and eliminating instances of miscommunication or indeed missed communications. This is the result:

Minimized lead times 

Wait times and delays in a logistics supply chain directly impact the bottom line. By implementing a pallet management software, you can massively reduce wait times. 

Plug and play 

Just-in-time manufacturing has been a cornerstone for enterprises, but the technology backing it was expensive. 

Now, Pallet management software is much more accessible and does not need a huge capital to get started. You simply have to pick your software and get started. 

Every enterprise can enjoy a digital supply chain that ensures that critical decisions and deliveries are pushed to the last minute. Doing so optimises decision making and saves costs.

Supply chains become forward-looking

A pallet management system allows you to plan ahead and gives you all the insights you need from a single platform. This allows you to make better predictions on future requirements as more data is collected, stored, analysed and shared.

Improved financial management

You will no longer have to rely on Excel sheets and formulas to do your calculations for you. With pallet management software in place, a JIT approach to your supply chain can reduce capital requirements and improve cash flow as less money is tied up in keeping excess stock in a warehouse.

Supply chain data becomes accessible

A pallet and container management system will support you with data points throughout day-to-day supply chain operations that are thoroughly recorded. In turn, businesses can use big data methods to broadly optimise business processes.

Clearly, a digital supply chain has very real efficiency and cost benefits. If you want to get started with making your supply chain more efficient, get in touch with us!

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