Pallet Counting Through Image Sensing

Point. Click. Count.

PackCount is an RTP management product that uses image sensing to count packaging containers and to detect damage or defects. Built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), PackCount makes it easy to count and manage pallets and containers with just your mobile phone’s camera. Greatly minimize effort and improve your RTP supply chain efficiency.

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Specialized Solutions

Logistics Service Provider

With a huge number of RTP containers moving in & out of your warehouse, counting becomes a crucial activity & a time consuming one. Miscalculation can lead to loss in costs & reputation. PackCount simplifies the entire process by enabling fast & accurate counting.

Product Supplier

Counting pallets and containers received from logistics providers and those dispatched to retailers can become a hassle. PackCount digitizes the entire counting process while also minimizing time and eliminating counting errors. Most importantly, it lets you focus on your business.


Avoid penalties or overhead charges for lost pallets and manage your incoming and outgoing count containers or crates to ensure all RTP unloading and loading is consistent, with PackCount. It integrates with MyPackBook to help you introduce complete digital transformation.

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RTP Counting Made Easy

Managing warehouse operations & tracking of large volumes of RTP inventory can be a laborious task. PackCount helps you count container units accurately and fast. It uses optical sensors to scan and count pallets and containers and also detects any defects in your expensive returnable packaging, helping you focus on what matters.

How PackCount Helps You

Transparency &

Our products are built to bring in high level of visibility into packaging units across the circular logistics model. PackCount ensures accountability by maximizing the accuracy.


PackCounts integrates with MyPackBook and PackPlan for seamless data flow. By implementing our digital solutions you can ensure increased workflow efficiency.


By greatly reducing the time and effort taken for counting packaging units, and by ensuring maximum accuracy, PackCount saves you cost on effort and those incurred by mistakes.

Lower Carbon

Moving towards digital transformation helps all stakeholders in the RTP circle use containers responsibly. Maintaining RTP lets businesses reuse them, which in turn lowers carbon footprint.


By syncing count and quality data with MyPackBook/PackPlan, PackCount lets you control all pallet and container data on one platform accessible anytime over mobile.


We tailor your choice of pallet ERP – MyPackBook or PackPlan, to your business model and need. Integrating PackCount to this customized solution further optimizes workflow.

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