Pallet & Container Management System

Easy Pallet Logistics Management

PackPlan is designed to encompass all business processes required to manage large pools of pallets, crates, containers or any empty reusable transport packaging (RTP) in one place. We tailor the software to meet your business requirements and current working operations to ensure seamless digital transformation. Reduce packaging losses & increase turnover of RTP with our multi-modular container management system.

Specialized Solutions

Logistics Service Provider

PackPlan enables Packaging service providers to control all aspects of container management on one platform. You can track containers as they move out of your warehouse and to different clients, client accounts, packaging count and condition, cleaning tasks, and more.

Product Supplier

Product suppliers can use PackPlan to keep a track of the count & quality of containers being received from their logistics service provider and those being dispatched to their retailers. This minimizes any monetary loss that could be incurred due to loss or damage of RTP in transit.


While MyPackBook is the ideal solution for retailers, those looking for a complete pallet and container logistics solution can implement PackPlan to track pallets, boxes, containers, etc in transit, and save uncessary overhead charges for damaged or missing containers.

Why PackPlan

PackPlan is a container management ERP that will keep track of all container activity, be it dispatching pallets, receiving dirty pallets, cleaning activities, or client account management. With our container management software you can prevent pallet loss, speed up RTP turnover, and improve work efficiency.

How PackPlan Helps You

Transperancy and

Transparency in customer/supplier returnable empty stocks of pallets, crates and other containers. Each account holder will know their dwell times in the account.

Work flow

Assets can be tracked & traced, in the process, reducing losses & enhancing efficiency. Focused planning on stock availability will reduce losses leading to depletion in total stock of RTPs.


Overall efficient management leads to reduced costs. Track existing stocks to plan supply & demand. Increase turnover with existing stocks & reduce expenditure on new containers.

Lower carbon

Reduction in transport costs saving on fuel by planning operations effectively and reusing pallets in system over and over – creating a circular business model.


All data is accumulated in a single location. Information can flow via EDI or other standard formats from your legacy systems be it SAP, Oracle or others, onto PackPlan.


Solutions customised to suit your needs. For example: PackPlan can be interfaced with any bar code scanners or RFID hardware applications. PackPlan can be used as a middleware.

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