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LogSoft for Service Providers

Handling a large number of assets across a network of clients spread over various geographic locations can cause challenges in maintaining an efficient logistics supply chain. Logsoft’s digital products streamline and simplify the entire process by digitizing operations. You can track pallet count and location, maintain client accounts, and manage orders, all on one platform. LogSoft helps you introduce a circular pallet economy for faster RTP turnover and reduced operational costs.

pallet management software

RTP Management Products

PackPlan is your one stop solution to manage and control all aspects of container management over a single platform. Track all inventory as they move in and out of your warehouse, client accounts and packaging count.

Pallet pooling management software

MyPackBook is a lighter digital solution which will help you connect to your network of vendors and track pallets moving in and out of your warehouse easily on your mobile. You can also connect to clients using MyPackBook.

pallet stacking software

Track all your incoming and outgoing pallets and crates seamlessly using image sensing with PackCount. The app counts and detects any defects in your inventory using AI and ML making the task fast and error free.

container management platform
container management software

Why LogSoft?

Gain full control of your RTP logistics and data of your containers, ensuring optimal communication with suppliers and obtaining better stock accuracy. Using our RTP management software, improve efficiency, inventory knowledge/storage/handling and increase customer satisfaction. All this leading to a higher annual cost savings.

Core Features


LogSoft gives you complete control over all units moving in and out of you RTP warehouse on a single platform.


All your client data and accounts can be managed on PackPlan & MyPackBook for seamless tracking.


Our digital products increase RTP turnover and in turn increase their shelf-life.


Our digital products can be used by all members within the warehouse with controlled user access.

Work & Depot

Manage all aspects of RTP – movement, counting, washing, etc easily with LogSoft.


Moving data from legacy systems and existing architecture (like SAP) is easy and seamless.

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