Manage KLTs & Containers Digitally

LogSoft for Automotive

LogSoft’s digital products makes tracking and managing containers like KLTs easy and effortless, while also saving you money. Track the count and condition of all containers moving in and out of your workshop along with client accounts and other logistics data. You can also access our pallet & container marketplace to buy, sell, rent or exchange containers.

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RTP Management Products

PackPlan is a complete container management solution that will keep a track of containers being received from your logistics service provider and track containers being dispatched, all on one platform. PackPlan will help you minimize any monetary loss that could be incurred due to loss or damage of RTP in transit.

Pallet pooling management software

Maintain pallet count, accounts & quality notes all from your mobile for quick access to information on all your containers. You will also have access to our wide network of vendors were you can buy, rent, sell, exchange RTP containers. MyPackBook is an ideal one stop solution for automotive suppliers to track & manage pallet logistics.

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PackCount will make the counting of containers effortless and seamless. PackCount lets you quickly scan and count containers saving you time and effort, and syncs this data with your pallet ERP. Using optical scanning, upload count details and track containers to ensure the right numbers reach their destinations.

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Why LogSoft?​

Our solutions solve all your RTP business needs. Use LogSoft to find the perfect RTP management solutions for your requirements. Our app will help you track and trace movements of your outgoing and incoming containers, making your RTP logistics management effortless.

Core Features


LogSoft gives you complete control over all units moving in and out of you RTP warehouse on a single platform.


All your client data and accounts can be managed on PackPlan & MyPackBook for seamless tracking.


Our digital products increase RTP turnover and in turn increase their shelf-life.


Our digital products can be used by all members within the warehouse with controlled user access.

Work & Depot

Manage all aspects of RTP – movement, counting, washing, etc easily with LogSoft.


Moving data from legacy systems and existing architecture (like SAP) is easy and seamless.

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