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LogSoft for Retail

Even under ideal circumstances and despite your best efforts, there are always chances a container can be lost, stolen or damaged. LogSofts suite of digital products will give you data and insights on inventory location and movement for complete pallet and container management. When materials are lost, you will have documentation of the last-recorded location of pallets and containers to make sure you are not liable for any unnecessary overhead charges or penalties.

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RTP Management Products

PackPlan will increase traceability and accountability to help you avoid any unnecessary overhead charges for damaged or missing containers. It is the ideal solution for retailers with large warehouse inventory vs tracking of smaller shipments – for which we recommend MyPackBook.

Pallet pooling management software

MyPackBook will enable you to track all incoming and outgoing inventory. You can track and trace all RTP bringing in your goods on a single platform. You can use MyPackBook to document and keep an account of all pallets/containers arriving and leaving from your site to its next destination.

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PackCount will enable you to keep an exact count of pallets and containers being received and also leaving your site to its next destination effortlessly through optical sensing. Upload count details easily with image scanning and automated counting, and track containers to ensure the right numbers reach the next site.

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Why LogSoft?

Our RTP logistics solutions will give you complete control over your RTP logistics operations. If, for example, you know a particular stakeholder in the supply chain claims you are responsible for some damage or loss, you will have the data to show the historical movements of all tracked materials.

Core Features


LogSoft gives you complete control over all units moving in and out of you RTP warehouse on a single platform.


All your client data and accounts can be managed on PackPlan & MyPackBook for seamless tracking.


Our digital products increase RTP turnover and in turn increase their shelf-life.


Our digital products can be used by all members within the warehouse with controlled user access.

Work & Depot

Manage all aspects of RTP – movement, counting, washing, etc easily with LogSoft.


Moving data from legacy systems and existing architecture (like SAP) is easy and seamless.

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