Evolution of the Logistics Industry | The Infusion of Digital Transformation in Logistics

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Digital technology and software are now revolutionizing and shaping the future of supply chain logistics. More and more logistics firms are adopting various pallet management software and systems powered by AI to be more well positioned in the industry and to stay competitive. 

Here is a glimpse of how supply planning is evolving in the logistics industry

Supply Chain Management‍

To improve your supply chain management you can consider investing in pallet management software and systems that assist supply chain management, connect your suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers on a single platform. 

It’s important for each of these supply chain links to work together to optimize supply planning in logistics. If the flow of supplies is disrupted, it can impact the bottom line and lead to a reduction in productivity among manufacturers. 

One of the critical roles of a supply chain is to be a competitive force within a producer’s business model. An ideal team of vendors includes backup suppliers to avoid shortages. It’s advantageous for a manufacturer to periodically review its list of suppliers and evaluate the performance of each supplier.

Strong communication along your supply chain is essential. 

Going Digital‍

The more supply chain and logistics companies integrate digital technologies like pallet management software into their business models – the more visibility they get of their supply chain logistics and movement of containers, pallets and RTP. 

Digital technology such as pallet management systems allows logistics firms to track the movement of their goods throughout the logistics journey. Digital tools help logistics analysts track down supplies faster, which influences qualitative and quantitative decisions.

The more control you have over your logistics and the more you can interact digitally in real-time, the faster shipping decisions can be made. 

Improving Communication 

Effective communication makes a logistics supply chain more successful. By using pallet management software you can keep a track of inventory and plan the movement of your pallets more effectively. 

LogSoft’s pallet management system allows you to give restricted access at different levels to different team members to keep tasks updated. 

This helps strengthen communication across your team and makes decision making more accurate and faster. 

Modernization Of Warehousing‍

Digital software like pallet and container management systems have made warehouse processes much more efficient. 

A modern warehouse should ideally include a software management platform that allows workers to access in-depth data on supplies in real-time which will allow for better inventory planning. 

What Supply Planning Means For Consumers‍

If you are in the retail business or in fact any business that involves the delivery of a product to a consumer, there is a high expectation of fast delivery. Once upon a time ago, customers were fairly satisfied even if a delivery took up to one month. However, that is no longer the case; consumers now expect items to be delivered within 3-4 days. 

This expectation has led to more significant pressure for manufacturers to outsource to logistics firms equipped with intelligent technology. 

Since manufacturers now prioritize customer satisfaction, they need to consider employing pallet management systems and software to gain more control and visibility of their logistics supply chain to be able to solve any setbacks immediately to avoid delays in shipment. 

Tracking Deliveries In Real-Time‍

Alternate digital technologies such as IoT devices are options you can consider installing in your shipping vehicles to help suppliers and customers know the delivery status in real-time. 

Moment-by-moment tracking reduces lost or stolen items in the shipping process and as a business, you will have full visibility of any problems or challenges faced along the supply chain. 

For retail businesses, this information can be essential as they can alert the consumer there will be a delay in the shipping. Consumers appreciate this type of transparency, which saves them from worrying about late or lost deliveries.

Improving Supply Planning In Logistics‍

Two essential components of successful logistics supply chain planning are transportation and storage. 

In both cases, as a business, you need to ensure you are protecting and optimizing the movement of your pallets, crates and RTP. You need to ensure your RTP is always in transit and not held up and there are no large buffer stocks – both of which will impact your bottom line. 

Logistics firms that use digital software such as pallet management software have a clear competitive edge over shippers that rely on manual tracking methods. 


If you invest in the right software management platforms you get control over all business processes required to manage your container logistics efficiently – reducing cost & effort. 

LogSoft has various software solutions that will help you in various aspects of your RTP management. Some of the core features include – accounts management, material management, user administration, data management and much more.

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